Five Strategies to Build Fertility Confidence:

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We're going to cover...

Why OPKs don't matter unless you get these two overlooked factors taken care of (PS. it's 100% within your control)

If you're already doing IUI or IVF, there's 4 fertility-boosting things you can be doing that may have been missed

What are some unknown stressors impacting your egg quality, hormone balance, and overall chances of getting pregnant + what to do about it

Discover some sneaky, everyday habits that may be negatively impacting your chance of making a baby

What optimizing fertility actually looks like so you have the best chances of conceiving, without meds or using IUI/IVF


Hosted By:

Dr. Kelsey Duncan

Hey! I’m Kelsey, I’m a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Founder of The Fertility Confidence Method.

I’ve spent the last decade dedicating myself to understanding women’s hormones and the complex world of fertility so that I can help women balance hormones, boost fertility, and make healthy babies.

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