Fertility Confidence Method Clarity Call Application

Infertility is an unfortunate reality for many. Frankly, infertility is a draining, all-consuming and an incredibly frustrating health challenge that many health providers simply aren’t properly trained to help.

Dr. Kelsey Duncan and her team of Fertility Advisors would love to help everyone, but have limited availability.

If you are serious about determining the underlying health challenges of infertility and are ready to invest in getting support, then book a call below to speak to one of our Fertility Advisors.

We will review your application and if we feel we can help and are a good fit, we will confirm your appointment. If we aren’t a good fit your appointment will be canceled and will let you know of some next steps.

** These calls are not to inquire about private practice and Dr. Kelsey is no longer accepting patient outside of Fertility Confidence Method **

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