Boost Your Chances of Conceiving with our Black Friday Fertility Bundle!

Chances are you've landed on this page because you're hoping, praying, wishing for a baby.


Maybe you haven't started trying yet and you're being proactive (awesome!), or maybe you've been at this a while and are starting to get concerned.


That's why we've bundled our amazing 2 mini courses that are typically only available inside Fertility Confidence Method so you can get started TODAY in building your fertility confidence.

What you're getting...

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Inside Cycle Confidence, you'll learn

🌟 The ins and outs of your hormones and how they impact your menstrual cycle and therefore fertility


🌟 What is FAM and how to use the power of awareness to boost your chances of conceiving


🌟 The 3 things you should be doing to properly track your ovulation


Inside Don’t Forget the Dudes, you’ll learn


🌟  Risk factors potentially impacting male fertility


🌟  The 411 on nutrition and lifestyle and the big impact these pieces can make


🌟  How to read a semen analysis, why the reference range is giving your false hope and what your numbers ACTUALLY mean


🌟  Strategic supplementation guidelines based on the research we have so far

I want you walking away with the utmost confidence that you are:


✅  Tracking and timing interourse perfectly


✅  Gathering hormone data to make fertility-related decisions 


✅  Getting your man involved in preconception care


✅  Treating male factor infertility ASAP


… Plus there’s even an extra special bonus TempDrop discount code for you inside Cycle Confidence that will get you 12% off ON TOP OF their Black Friday sale!!


This course bundle will help if you’re actively TTC, being proactive in your approach to prepare for TTC, and even if you’re working with a fertility clinic already! 


Just for you I’ve pulled these courses straight out of Fertility Confidence Method so you can start taking steps TODAY to build your person fertility confidence.


Who am I?...

As a Naturopathic Doctor I’ve been supporting couples TTC using my 3 pillar fertility success system inside Fertility Confidence Method. I want to help you gain all the confidence you need to be successful on your fertility journey and make sure you have well-rounded, whole-body care along the way.


Learning the tools and strategies that I share with my clients helped me to conceive my two beautiful children, and it’s been my mission on this planet to make sure all couples who want to start or grow their families have the level of support and care that I wish I had.


When I’m not with clients or nose-deep in fertility research, you can find me spending time with my family, hopefully at the lake.. Or enjoying some me-time with some trashy reality TV.

What other's have to say about Cycle Confidence...

All women should take this course to learn more about their cycles. I loved how clearly and simply the information was explained. I’ve read so much about tracking your cycle to conceive and this course has taught me more than my years of research.


I work as an L&D nurse and you would be amazed how little most health care professionals, let alone the general public, understand about the woman’s cycle.


There are so many things I never knew about my cycle and crazy enough my husband is an OBGYN! I came here looking for more information on how to conceive and the fundamentals that Dr. Kelsey gives in this course have empowered me to do just that! This course is truly an amazing resource!


The Cycle Confidence course really helped make tracking my cycle feel less daunting. It simplified everything and made the components of tracking feel much less overwhelming.

What other's have to say about DFTDs...


Nobody seems to talk about what men can do to support fertility, joining Fertility Confidence Method helped both me and my husband feel like we were on this journey together.


After being diagnosed with Male Factor Infertility it felt like we had very little options. With Dr. Kelsey’s guidance and support we were able to conceive our baby boy with IUI. That option wasn’t on the table before starting this program.


My husband was always asking me what he could do to help, once we watch the male module he felt like he was involved in the TTC process and we learnt so much.

Tracking your cycle, or having these conversations around TTC health with your partner may seem daunting, I get that. It can feel like a lot of work, so if you haven’t started these pieces of the puzzle yet, don’t worry.


Now you can be armed with the exact information you need to get started without feeling overwhelmed in the process.

Cycle Confidence

Don't Forget the Dudes

$77 CAD

$147 CAD

Until SUNDAY you'll get the bundle together for

$97 CAD

What are you getting...

Cycle Confidence: 

Lesson One: Cycle 101 - breaking down the ins and outs of your hormones

Lesson Two: What is FAM

Lesson Three: Symptom tracking - how to properly track symptoms to gain knowledge through your cycle

Lesson Four: Basal Body Temperature - how to properly use BBT to confirm ovulation

Lesson Five: Cervical Mucus - how to properly tracking cervical mucus to time ovulation

Lesson Six: Putting it all together


Don’t Forget the Dudes:


Lesson One: Hormones and Sperm Health

Lesson Two: Risk Factors for Male Infertility

Lesson Three: Testing and Optimal Levels (a highly sought after training!)

Lesson Four: Nutrition and Lifestyle Recommendations

Lesson Five: Supplements in the Research

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