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Fertility Confidence Bootcamp

DAY ONE: Cycle Tracking

Day One is all about proper cycle tracking. For some, this will be review, while for others this is totally new information.

HOMEWORK: Download your cycle tracking app of choice, and share a picture of your chart (even if it’s new and empty!).

If you aren’t a member of the Facebook Group, email your homework to to be entered  to win the giveaways by 10AM EST Tuesday April 19th. 11% TempDrop Discount Ovulation Tracking Tools

DAY TWO: Egg Quality

Today’s lesson is all about EGG QUALITY. And while many people think about supplements, I wanted to take this conversation in a different direction.

HOMEWORK: Which of the three tips do you need to work on an HOW are you going to accomplish that goal?

Email your homework to before 10AM EST Wednesday, April 20th.

DAY THREE: Hormone Optimization

Day three is all about HORMONES. We cover all the important hormones in the fertility journey.

Homework: Fill out the hormone quiz and email to Hormone Quiz Optimal Lab Guide

DAY FOUR: Inflammation

Today we talked about inflammation and autoimmunity.

Your homework is to pick on of the 5 things that can help to reduce inflammation and commit to it. You may feel like you need to do ALL the things.. or you may feel like these are too basic (and if that’s the case, let us know and we can take it one step further).

  • Less Alcohol
  • Less Sugar
  • Prioritizing Sleep
  • Walking Daily
  • 2+ L of Water Daily

Let us know what you picked in the email to be qualified for the giveaway!

DAY FIVE: Mindset

Our final day is spent talking all about the power of your mind. Often a forgotten step in a care plan, but maybe one of the most important pieces of the puzzle.

Homework: Pick 1-3 strategies and build your mindset tool kit.


Practicing gratitude



EFT tapping

Getting out in nature

Spending time with friends

Animal therapy


What feels best for you?

Homework is due by 10AM EST!

Tomorrow we will be having a bonus Q&A session at 10AM EST and giving away the TempDrop! I will post the recording here after.


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