Fertility Confidence Bootcamp

Break free of overwhelm and boost your fertility confidence with Dr. Kelsey Duncan ND.


Registration is closed, but you can get on the waitlist for the next event, and we'll let you know when registration opens again.

* Spots are limited.

Bootcamp Schedule...

MONDAY JANUARY 17th @ 12pm EST: Cycle Tracking
TUESDAY JANUARY 18th @ 12pm EST: Egg Quality
WEDNESDAY JANUARY 19th @ 12pm EST: Hormone Optimization
THURSDAY JANUARY 20th @ 12pm EST: Inflammation
FRIDAY JANUARY 21st @ 12pm EST: Mindset

Each day you'll get ACTIONABLE steps to start implementing right away. We want you leaving with tools in your tool kit, this isn't just another info session where you're wondering "what the heck do I do now" at the end.

Who is Bootcamp for...

  • If you’re actively TTC and you’re feeling worried it isn’t working
  • You’ve been trying some things you’ve read, but you’re overwhelmed with all the info out there
  • You feel paralyzed by all the options and you aren’t sure what’s right for you
  • You’re working with a fertility clinic but want to make sure you’re doing everything within your power to make a baby
  • Or maybe you’re not ready to step into the fertility clinic world yet, until you’re totally sure you’ve exhausted all options

Hosted By:

Dr. Kelsey Duncan

Hey! I’m Kelsey, I’m a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Founder of The Fertility Confidence Method.

I’ve spent my entire career dedicating myself to understanding women’s hormones and the complex world of fertility so that I can help women balance hormones, boost fertility, and make healthy babies.

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